Integral to LUQUEVELASCO’s auditing approach is proximity, integrity, independence and quality.

We have made a complex process simple through the quality of our professional team who are there for your every need.
The continuity of departmental teams makes knowledge of the culture of an audited company key to the job. Also, key is the knowledge of the sector, competition and any relevant risks.

These principles together with our experience and motivation make us an effective and increasingly valuable company.
The continuity of the audit teams and the involvement of the firms’ partners in the business, along with continuous assistance throughout the auditing process, allows us to obtain and guarantee a high-quality audit and resolve problems with agility and immediacy.

Our methodology consists of the following main steps:

  • Knowledge of the company and the sector.
  • Risk analysis and assessment through internal control analysis.
  • Prior analytical review of financial statements to see trends and indicators.
  • Revision of the financial statements in detail.

Audit of individual and consolidated annual accounts.

Limited reviews and agreed procedures.

Public Sector: Auditing of accounts and special reports.

Third sector: Verification of the allocation and control of public funds.