Financial advisory

The structure of our company makes us agile and able to always achieve high quality outcomes to each of the problems that our clients face, such as:


We are dedicated to producing quality outcomes that provide results when elaborating expert reports and preventing and investigating fraudulent activity.


  • Valuations of companies, businesses, stock packages
  • Fiscal or legal valuations.
  • Independent Experts.


Corporate operations motivating the competitiveness of the company. The assessment of these operations is critical for their final success. Experience and the ability to contribute ideas are a prerequisite to our team, meaning we ensure assistance to our customers in operations such as:

  • Acquisitions
  • Sales
  • Mergers
  • MBO´s, MBI´s, BuyOuts
  • Share restructuring operations and the incorporation of financial partners
  • Strategic Alliances

Share restructuring operations

During times of business growth, structures are created in order to maintain stability in times of uncertainty.
We help business through reduction or restructuring processes whilst preparing them for the future by designing strategies to bring a business plan to fruition.

Insolvency Proceedings

For these situations, whether in a situation of insolvency itself or of a client, we have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in this area. They provide different expertise in order to solve any business crisis while preserving the integrity of the company.