Our principles

We are always ready to adapt to change but will always maintain our ideals. As such, we trust in the work and responsibility of each and every one of our team of professionals whilst maintaining a pleasant working environment to create a trusting, professional relationship with our customers.

We think that our professional team must always be conscious of the changing economic, social and legal circumstances relevant to businesses in order to adapt and find the best solutions for clients. But that doesn´t stop us from respecting our own personal ethics and the values that form a framework for our work, which are:

  • INTEGRITY: Both on a personal and professional level with clients and those who make up the LUQUEVELASCO team.
  • ASPIRATIONS AND SAFETY IN THE FUTURE: In order to convey an idea or a feeling, you need to believe in it first. For that reason, our employees are always prepared to seek out the necessary means to meet a clients’ request.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: The philosophy at the centre of our work is: our greatest success is the success of our customers.
  • INDEPENDENCE: The most important thing is our client and their issues. Therefore, we take responsibility for any circumstances that could impede their resolution.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: The firm’s structure allows clients to reach employees quickly, so that their needs are met quickly and efficiently.