Tax – BPO

LUQUEVELASCO specializes in tax compliance completion and the processing of national taxes for both individuals and legal entities, as well as tax planning.

  • The most common services provided in this area are:
  • The tax compliance and processing of taxes (tax compliance) for natural and legal persons.
  • Corporate income tax.
  • Value Added Tax “VAT” and Intrastat.
  • Income Tax and Property Tax.
  • Property Transfer Tax and Document Duties.
  • Inheritance and Donations Tax.
  • Special Taxes.
  • Local Taxes:
  • IAE, IBI, etc.

Tax planning

Tax planning is a lawful legal process, the purpose of which is to make the most of allocated investment resources, through making the optimal reduction to the tax burden permitted within the options available in the legal system.

Consequently, tax planning seeks to prevent, avoid or postpone the taxable event, aiming to reduce or defer the taxpayer’s tax burden as much as possible within the law.

Tax planning is a lawful action by the taxpayer since it exercises the principle of the autonomy of the will established in common legislation and is in accordance with the options that the legal system itself establishes.
Tax planning developed by Bustos y Cía.

Tax Lawyers consider, for each case, feasibility criteria based not only on the current legislation, but also on its core principles, on the tax authority’s interpretation of it, and on the economic reality of each business

Actions on behalf of the client

Personal actions carried out on behalf of the Client, before the Tax Inspectorate, during their periodic checks.

Development of approaches and defence for appeals and complaints in administrative, economic-administrative and judicial proceedings.


Through outsourcing we manage your compliance and management processes with full guarantee, so you can focus on your business.

There are numerous processes performed by companies that do not add substantial value to businesses. Tax Authorities have appointed companies as indispensable partners for the collection of taxes. Likewise, the requirements in terms of accounting compliance are in continuous development and are becoming increasingly demanding.

In our area of ​​outsourcing or business process outsourcing (BPO) we become your service provider, allowing your company to have qualified professionals to reliability perform these functions, under the supervision of our firm at all times.