Corporate operations are of vital importance in motivating the competitiveness of the company.

Moreover, assessment and advice is critical for the success of these operations. Therefore, LUQUEVELASCO is here to help you to make this process a success.

Our success is achieved through experience, agility and capacity. It is always led and executed by a partner with the necessary experience and ability to develop the most complex operations.

This allows us to contribute ideas and be more competitive in our field.

  • Advice on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Creation of companies
  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Venture.
  • Valuations with different methods.
  • Analysis of investment profitability.
  • Advice for the management operations team
  • Realization of business plans

Due Diligence

In a time where speed and discretion are critical factors and the possibility of making mistakes is high, our well-coordinated structure allows us to be more competitive and offer high quality services.

To do this, we identify the key factors of the operation to assist in the negotiation.

In the same way, we identify the risks and order the possible outcomes to reach a successful outcome.

Financial Due Diligence
Vendors Due Diligence
Advice on economic clauses in sales contracts
Preparation and revision of business plans.